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Genes & gene fragments

Single- and double-stranded DNA fragments and cloned genes for synthetic biology and other molecular biology applications

Our high-fidelity synthetic genes and gene fragments are the result of a long-standing commitment to innovative chemistry, optimized methods, and a robust manufacturing infrastructure. These products are built using our Ultramer DNA Oligos, which set the standard for quality within the industry.

Double-stranded DNA fragments »

Gene fragments for easy gene assembly, genome editing, qPCR standards, antibody research, and much more. Shipped in only a few business days.

Single-stranded DNA fragments »

Megamer Single-Stranded DNA Fragments are synthesized from clonally purified DNA and sequence-verified via next generation sequencing.

Custom gene synthesis »

Sequence-verified complete genes constructed with our highest-quality oligos. Delivered ready-to-use in a cloning vector.

GMP & OEM services »

Customized products and services to meet the rigorous quality requirements for clinical and molecular diagnostic applications.