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Geneseeq Joins IDT Align Program

Jun 17, 2021
Leader in genetic testing and translational research joins IDT’s provider program that focuses on next generation sequencing services tailored to research needs
CORALVILLE, Iowa (June 17, 2021) – Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT), a leading comprehensive genomics solutions provider, has added Geneseeq to the IDT Align Program, expanding the program’s roster of preferred sequencing providers. The combination of IDT’s high-quality and flexible next generation sequencing (NGS) product portfolio along with Geneseeq’s genomic testing and research services provides valuable solutions to support research projects.  

The IDT Align Program broadens access to services and solutions that help move genomic research projects forward. IDT is teaming with quality partners to make NGS tools and resources more accessible, especially for researchers who need a sequencing provider tailored to their research. 
Geneseeq is a research-driven company that provides cutting-edge next generation sequencing (NGS) technology to accelerate new discoveries around the area of cancer research. With headquarters in both Canada and China, Geneseeq focuses on clinical genetic testing and translational research, covering all cancers and sample types.  
“IDT is excited to partner with Geneseeq and welcome them to the Align Program,” said  IDT President Trey Martin. “Combining the technologies and expertise of IDT and Geneseeq will enable valuable tools to support the advancement of precision oncology. Together we will empower oncology researchers to reveal and understand underlying biology while discovering and exploring novel signatures.” 
“We are thrilled to launch our partnership with IDT as an Align Preferred Sequencing Provider,” said Dr. Xue Wu, the co-founder and CEO of Geneseeq Toronto. “We firmly believe that advancement in cancer research should be achieved with collaborative partners, together. By accessing IDT’s technologies and expertise, we can provide high-quality sequencing data to our clients. This partnership will further us in the journey of novel NGS research and eventually provide cancer researchers with more insights around treatment options.” 

IDT is a leader in DNA writing and delivers innovative and high-performing NGS products to enable research and discoveries. NGS solutions from IDT feature high reproducibility, customization, and scalability that break down barriers for scientists and provide them confidence in their results. 

Geneseeq has a full suite of sequencing services to facilitate and accelerate translational research in both academia and industry. Its large sequencing capacity lowers cost and delivers rapid turnaround times to maximize productivity and impact of research projects. 

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Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT)
develops, manufactures, and markets nucleic acid products for the life sciences industry in the areas of academic and commercial research, agriculture, medical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. IDT has developed proprietary technologies for genomics applications such as next generation sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, synthetic biology, digital PCR, and RNA interference. Through its GMP services, IDT manufactures products used by scientists researching many forms of cancer and most inherited and infectious diseases. IDT is widely recognized as the industry leader in custom nucleic acid manufacture, serving over 130,000 life sciences researchers. IDT was founded in 1987 and has its manufacturing headquarters in Coralville, Iowa, USA, with additional manufacturing sites in San Diego, California, USA; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA; Leuven, Belgium; and Singapore. For more information, please visit

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About Geneseeq
is a research-driven company providing cutting-edge NGS technology to accelerate precision cancer care, with headquarters in Canada and China. The company offers both pan-cancer panels analyzing more than 400 genes and cancer-type specific gene panels to help match patients to optimal treatments, including targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Geneseeq’s CAP/CLIA/ISO15189-accredited Chinese site is equipped with multiple advanced NGS sequencing platforms and has sequenced more than 420,000 clinical samples. For more information, follow Geneseeq LinkedIn and Twitter, or visit

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